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After three dates, I have reaped more than just love

My name is V. “I am not spending my birthday alone next year”. This was my 29th birthday wish. I had friends planning on getting married, and friends planning on having a second child, whereas I’ve been stuck my head into work all these years, I felt like my life is so behind. Trying out 2RedBeans’ one on one service was just a gamble, after all, relationships are so complicated, love happens and ends without any signs, entering an exclusive relationship within three dates sounds like mission impossible.

After dating online for five months, they finally met when the Canada-US border reopens

Today’s story is about Jude and Ann, a magnificent couple. Jude is forty-two years old, born in Guangzhou, Ann is forty years old, born in Beijing. Their personalities had a world of difference, and they weren’t each other’s ideal partner either. One worked in the U.S. while the other worked in Canada, distance and time-zone almost became a roadblock in their love journey. The possibility of their overlap was nearly impossible, but under 2RedBeans matchmaker Bessie’s introduction, they had their first video date this March. The two stayed on the phone for an entire five hour until their phone ran out of battery. After that, they would make long phone calls to make up for the time lost in each other’s past, the longest phone call being nineteen hours.