Have you ever walked into a shopping mall, browsed a few stores, flirted a little with the salesperson, and in the end, the three hours you spent only resulted in you buying a cup of iced Americano from Starbucks? Hell yeah, that’s relatable to me. In these divided times, there is one thing that guys can agree on: It is a headache thinking of gifts for your girlfriend.

Come on, I know you agree.

This was one problem I faced with my ex-girlfriend. I’m sure guys would agree (and girls might possibly agree too) that we would scratch our heads and try to think of the best gifts for your girlfriend.  Was it a hint when she mentioned she wanted that ring the other day? Did she want that teddy bear because she said she wanted something to cuddle to sleep? Why can’t girls just tell us what they want…? I would tell my girlfriend that I want that PS4 we saw the other day. Ok, I’m joking.

At 2RedBeans, we decided to do a survey to find out once and for all, that elusive gift that all girls would want to have. We asked both our male and female users what kind of gift would girls want to receive the most.

These were our options:

– Apple products (Who knows if girls want an iPhone X right)

– Flowers (Basic)

– Shoes/bags (They would definitely want these)

– Something cute and cuddly

– Writing a song or lastly,

– Anything goes. It’s the thought that counts.


So.. What are the results?

Firstly, 25% of the guys responded that ‘I would think that the girl would prefer anything because it is the thought that counts’. However, 23% of the guys responded that girls would want shoes or bags as gifts, and 19% of guys responded that girls would want something cute, something cuddly.

Boy oh boy, the results from the girls sure did surprised me.

23% of the guys thought that girls would want shoes/bags and 19% of guys thought girls would want something cute, something cuddly. Guess what, my fellow buddies. 45% of the girls don’t mind anything because it is the thought that counts. Only a mere 10% of the girls responded that they would want shoes or bags, and also 10% of the girls would want something cute or cuddly.

Phew, that cleared everything up, didn’t it? Turns out, guys, we became the emotional creatures who think too much instead. Oops.

At least, now we can shop, in peace, for a gift, for our girlfriends. Get them something which you think is meaningful and I’m sure that she will appreciate it too. It is the thought that counts (at least, that’s what they said).

If she complains about your gift, well, I guess you could show them 2RedBeans’ survey results…?


  1. Yea Manny, totally agree! A gift serves as a memory for that special moment, and something of remembrance.

  2. Oh well, when I do shop for a girl, I think of something that will be important to her, something that is not just likeable but something to remember, something to keep, never mind the price, cheap or expensive, it’s how you express yourself and how she will get your attention. I believe it’s serves as a bridge between the two of you, from the start, hopefully until the end.

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