At 2RedBeans, we have a group of good-looking young professionals, known as our 2RedBeans’ matchmakers.

They comb through our database, make and take phone calls, and conduct countless interviews just so our clients can meet the person they’re looking for.

Come take a look at our matchmaking team’s office and find out what they do every day!

Step 1: Letting you know that they are here to help.

“Hi, I’m a matchmaker for 2RedBeans!”

At 2RedBeans, people always tell us how their long hours, small social circles or their busy lifestyles are keeping them from the happy relationships they see their friends in. That’s why our matchmakers are making phone calls and conducting interviews everyday. To help you find your other half.

Step 2: Getting to know you.

“What kind of person are you? What kind of person are you looking for?

What are your favorite pastimes?

What qualities must your partner have?

Are there any deal-breakers that you just can’t get past?

Our matchmakers scratch below the surface to discover what truly moves you in order to find you a compatible match.

Step 3:  Scouring online and offline databases, generating a preliminary group of matches for you.

“Is this person suitable for you?”

After understanding your wants and needs, our matchmakers scour our online and offline databases as well as those of our partners, such as organizations and clubs, to generate a preliminary group of matches. We also employ our Super Center team which assists our matchmakers in finding a suitable candidate for you. However, our matchmakers know tastes change. This is why we continually work with you as time goes on.

Step 4: Facilitating your first meeting.

“Remember to bring a bouquet of flowers!”

We often discover that people overlook details and make common mistakes that will often torpedo a date. As such, our matchmakers will give you advice on the dos and don’ts to help you have a great time. For example:

  • What to do before your date
  • What to talk about during your date

Step 5: Consulting with you after your date.

“How did your date go?”

Our matchmakers know that you have many questions and concerns after your date. This is why after every date they will consult with you about how it went, be it good or bad, and answer any questions you may have. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but our matchmakers will also be able to adjust your partner preferences accordingly!

Here’s a success story from 2RedBeans.

Success Story: It’s As Though We Knew Each Other Before…


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