You are bursting with excitement; you are about to meet your first date! She looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning from her profile photos. You can’t seem to contain your excitement as you walk into your meeting place. As you glance around, you see someone waving at you, but she looks horrifyingly unfamiliar.

With the prevalence of beautifying filters in apps, it’s common for people to “enhance” their physical appearance. What would you do if your first date looked significantly different in real life?

How would you react if your date looked nothing like their online photos? We gathered the opinion of our users (we had over 1000 respondents!) and below are the results:

Based on the results, the majority had the same sentiment:

“Even though they look different, if I got along well with them, I would give them a chance. If not, I would leave as soon as possible.”

Among the men’s results, there are only 7.87% of them who responded that they will text an excuse and leave immediately if they saw their date before they even walked into their meetup spot. 13.4% responded that they would carry on with that date, but would give an excuse to leave as soon as possible. Funny enough, one of our respondents mentioned that “I was the one who initiated the date. Even if I cry, I still have to finish it.” Hmm…

Of course, 26% of our male respondents are absolutely gentlemanly; they think that their appearances do not matter much, since you only know a person better after talking to them. The majority chose to give them a chance if they got along well. If not, they will give an excuse to leave as soon as they can.

As for the ladies, only 6% would give an excuse before they even meet (Buck up, guys!). Over 63% of them chose to give them a chance if they got along well, and 16.8% of them think that their dates’ appearances do not matter much. I guess women places less emphasis on their dates’ appearances. Is it due to the fact that women are generally the one who would choose to beautify their photos online, which led to the above numbers..?

Of course, we use photos online as a ‘first impression’ when we meet our dates in real life. It is probably the main reason why beautifying apps appeared in the first place. What is probably more important is, do not use a picture that looks absolutely different! Below are some responses from our respondents:

No matter what. I will show respect, finished the dating.

This person can’t face the reality, lack of confidence and probably will dare risking anything to be fakey. But you should keep your own manners and politely looking a way out.

If they looked significantly different in real life, to be honest, I would try to be friendly and keep a “nice tone”, asking my potential date why He did that? Does He has a legit reason to do this to me? If the reason makes sense for me, I can accept it, then continue to give my date a second chance. BUT, if the reason does not make sense, or if I feel being “cheated” by this, I will say: Sorry, I can’t accept this. Then I will leave afterwards having this conversation with my unsuccessful date!!!

Only 1 date. No big deal.

I would be upfront about them lying to me.

Make a joke about it.

I can always use another friend.

Even though looks aren’t a deal breaker, the fact that they couldn’t be truthful on a picture means that they would probably lie about other stuff. So I’d leave and tell them exactly why I’m leaving.

Unless it was really bad, out of courtesy, I would complete to date.

If they looked significantly different (worse), I would continue the date, but wouldn’t schedule a second. If they looked better, then I would be suspicious (of foul play), but continue to interact normally.

That’s already a big turn off and a big factor to me, showing that the person’s personalty is quite shallow and superficial and cares a lot about their appearance. That’s already not long-term material for me. I would politely mention about the different look to the person from their picture immediately when meeting. But I would not be rude and try to chat and also get to know the person a bit. I may just go for a short term hookup at the very least, hoping there are some other attracting (physical) features. That’s what shallow, fake and superficial people get I suppose.

I would stay and get to know her more. Who knows, may I end up marrying her someday! 🙂

I wouldn’t want to stay at the date.

The real question is : Despite the difference are they attractive enough to me? If the answer is no, then I’d make it clear there won’t be anything beyond friendship here. If the answer is yes, I’d keep going.

Follow through with the date.. You are there anyway. Might as well follow through with it.

I would be careful and watch for “gamers”.

If she is fat I’m outta there.

I would confront them for having no integrity. Then I would leave.

I would ask them why there was deception: after all honesty is the foundation for the relationship.

I would always give the other person time. I would never leave a date until she wanted to leave.

Integrity issue if person is misrepresenting themselves. Just tell them that and leave.

Even though they look difference from their pictures, it wouldn’t bother me because love is all about understanding, caring and honest, once we can understand each honestly i will get married to her and make her my wife.

I believe if they want an honest relationship, they should be that way from the start.

It would be a great disappointment for not being honest!

Respect, first! And the fact I am coming through a very clean and best website (ie 2 RedBeans), I will stay for the entire duration of the proceedings and make sure the person feels; ‘she is special’!

Even though they look different, if I got along well with them and I’m still physically attracted to them, I would give them a chance. If not, I would leave as soon as possible.

If they used someone else’s photo and not their own, then I would report them to be banned.

it’s not at all uncommon for people to post flattering pictures on their online profiles, yet i think if you can’t be honest about the way you look you’re probably hiding other issues.

I would be angry at their dishonesty but politely finish the date.

It would bother me initially but I would still continue to see if we got along. It might end up with a friendship versus a romance.

I would ask are you this person? you don’t look like you’re the same person.

It would trigger an alarm about the person because it reflects who they are as an individual. We live in an age where fancy filters are applied constantly on photos, but filters affects colors only. It’s a completely differently level if the person chooses to make their eyes bigger, face or body skinnier, legs longer.

I would still go forward with the first date and then at the end of the date and we got along….. I would suggest if we can be friends.

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