Starting today, 2RedBeans will be undergoing significant changes in an effort to improve the online dating experience and increase the chances of connecting.

What’s changed?

  • A review process: To improve overall quality, photos and profiles will be reviewed before they’re available to the public. That means no more pictures of your dog as your profile photo.
  • Messaging: Men need to first unlock a conversation before being able to compose their message. This is to cut down on mass copy & paste messaging and harassment. We’re also hoping this will convince people to put a little more thought into their first message.
  • Invisibility: This new feature will allow users to control who gets to see their profile.
  • More VIP benefits: VIPs will receive improved exposure so that their messages will receive more replies.

Why the change?

Over the years, frustrated users have vented about the amount of low quality messages flooding their inbox (think messages like “Hi” or similar). Not only that, but there have been a lot of people with empty profiles messaging them. As you can guess, this was bad for everybody. No one wants to respond to an unoriginal message. And, even if it was a good message, people are hesitant to chat with someone with a grey icon and no information about themselves. Could the person be their soulmate or are they just trying to catfish or, worse, scam them?

With the new changes, we’re hoping that not only will people put more thought into both their messages and profiles, but they’ll benefit by having a higher response rate and better connections.

Questions & suggestions?

Feel free to contact us at any time at