30 Dates in 30 Days is a brand activities organized by the two red beans, help arrange the active object 30 Dating. A sauce is the protagonist of this issue, Click here to view the event details.

30 Dates - 33

Trudy appointment with a beginning is a mistake, because the registration is Trudy’s mother adults, Trudy is the mother of life but can not do anything A sauce barely see out of it. Probably because it is so, Trudy started to the time and place set at 12:00 noon on Tuesday Starbucks. A confused sauce, rice is 12:00 o’clock, in the end is to eat or not to eat it? Thus the 30th became the first A date to set places to eat butter. A sauce to set in place Fu Niu Tong authentic authentic Hunan rice, and from where Trudy in Sunnyvale work is also very close.

12:00, A Fu Niu sauce arrived early Church seats for, after all, this store is very popular. For 20 minutes, Trudy was long overdue, she said, the road is blocked. I do not know because of traffic jams, Trudy very bad mood today, A sauce guess someone must have owed her money. Trudy said she did not like to talk, so A can only silently exclusive tasting sauce Hunan rice. A sauce to ask “Are you in a bad mood today, do not want to come to the right”, Trudy said, “There are so obvious?” In fact in the end, A sauce do not know what Trudy name. Trudy said she would go to work, A sauce hear what she meant, “then we go.”

Thus, A sauce off the Trudy, also ended 30 dating journey. Look back, leaving a lot of very unforgettable memories and sentiment, to be the next one sauce A summary review of slowly come.

–A Sauce