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I invested so much into you. Why wouldn’t you respond to my love

I invested so much into you. Why wouldn't you respond to my love? Just because you are so invested in someone doesn’t always guarantee a good result. Before you two establish a relationship, he/she has no obligation to respond to you with an equal amount of love. Asking such a question simply does more harm than good. When we don’t receive positive feedback for the effort we put into someone, it’s easy to feel out of balance.

Why do I have a hard time feeling his/her love?

We have been collecting dating feedback from our friends and we found that there’s a huge difference when it comes to perception of love. Some people can describe their feelings accurately: “When she smiled at me, I can feel my heartbeat raising.”“We have a smooth conversation, but the spark is kind of missing.”

I’ve never dated before, what can I do to be in a relationship?

Recently, We’ve received a message that goes like: “I’ve never dated anyone before, what can I do to start a relationship? 母胎solo, single since birth, refers to people who’ve never dated their entire life. In fact they aren’t a minority. According to the National Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Civil Affairs of 2019, Among China’s 240 million singles, 34% have never been in a relationship.

When looking for a partner, would you prefer someone with more or less experience?

When looking for a partner, would you prefer someone with more or less experience? Regarding this question, we started a survey and here are the feedbacks. Some said they would prefer someone with less experience: “those who has been through a lot inevitably become more realistic, weighing out the pros and cons. I want a purer relationship if it means for them to have no experience at all.

“Crazy Rich Asians”: When art imitates life

Crazy Rich Asians has been receiving critical acclaim since its premiere last week and is currently sitting  at the top of the box office. The story depicts an American-born Chinese lady, Rachel Chu, who agreed to spend her summer with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, in Singapore. Little did she know that this summer break would turn out to be one of the dramatic one that she will ever experience in her life. As the first Hollywood film in 25 years featuring an almost all Asian-American cast, it’s re-ignited the public’s…