2018 is almost over. From marriages to births, we always feel a sense of accomplishment when we hear about how our members have found their true love through us.

We have helped write their stories in 2018, now let’s find out how those beautiful stories came to be.


She loves the sea, so he took her to all the seas in England; She loves seafood, so he took her to every seafood restaurant; She loves to travel, so he made a list of all the sights before their trip; She cares about relationship traditions, so he celebrated their one month,two month,three month anniversaries. She is close to her parents, so he learned to make birthday cakes for them.. His parents found love changed their son.

         ——”It’s as though we knew each other before”

Ms. M is almost 30 and about to finish her Ph.D. Her desire for a successful relationship, on top of her parents and friends’ expectations and worries, made her long for “the one” to appear in her life. One lazy afternoon, she opened the 2RedBeans app, and the first profile that came up was H, a graduate from the renowned Cambridge University. The first time they met, M was late by 40 minutes. Her heart melted when she saw H’s message. “I’m here. You can take your time, I will be waiting here for you.”

Two weeks after their first meeting, they decided to be exclusive.

This June 9, Mr. H and Ms. M cordially invite their friends and family in England to join them for their wedding where they will take their vows.


“Sometimes I had last minute meetings and he had to wait for me. He never once complained, and was always waiting patiently in his car. He assured me that he was either catching up on work or doing something productive while he waited. He even bought flowers for me on one occasion.”

——”She was engaged within a month after feeling happiness and stability with him”

Like any woman, Yoki had high expectations for her future husband. He had to be at least three to five years older than her, at least 5’11”, and have a stable career. That was until she met Hank. Hank always put his heart into planning activities for them. Hank was always taking the initiative, which made Yoki gradually fall for him. Yoki stopped to trying to cross items off her list and they officially became a couple after 2 weeks.


Rachael said incompatibility isn’t the issue. Rather, it is the lack of effort from both sides that leads to the failure of a relationship. Tolerating something hurtful was done for the express purpose of staying together. However, not everyone is willing to change themselves for others. They prefer others to change for them. If this is the case, then incompatibility becomes an excuse to cover up for their own selfishness and unwillingness to put in effort.

——”The love story of Daniel and Rachael”

Daniel and Rachael both still suffered from scars from their previous relationships. Daniel was afraid that Rachael might be too needy, and Rachael was constantly worried that she said something wrong whenever Daniel didn’t reply to him. Even though both of them still have their minor arguments here and there, both of them are willing and able to listen to the advice from our matchmaker and work things out together. Finally, their relationship became stronger as time passed. This is the love story of Daniel and Rachael.

This year our 2RedBeans team has received so many sweet messages:

A single mother with two sons found a man who fell in love with her on 2RedBeans. She sent a romantic photo of their cruise to us.

One in Canada, the other one in the United States, met on 2RedBeans. They told us that they got engaged and bought a house on the border so that both of them only need to drive an hour to get to work.

A girl who accompanied her friend to participate in a 2RedBeans offline event found Mr. Right. Now they already have a baby.

The event coordinator for 2RedBeans met her Mr. right at an event too. They sent a sweet photo of themselves wearing matching outfits.

There are so many stories that we can’t share all of them. For those of you who’ve already found the one, we wish you all the best. For those who haven’t, Mr. or Mrs. Right is coming your way!

We’re here with you on your journey for true love! Click here to consult with our professional matchmaker if you have any questions.

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