In Chinese culture, the koi fish symbolizes good luck. Recently, many people have been sending koi fish to their friends on WeChat hoping to pass on some luck to one another. As a dating company, 2RedBeans has also received requests from our followers to pass on some “love luck” to everyone our WeChat followers. Of course, we obliged!

It was from our discussion on this topic of spreading ‘“love luck” that we realized those who joined the 2RedBeans team coupled up in a month on average. And all of this started with our founder, Q!

Finding the other half? CEO Q sets the tone

Take a look at the statistics below:

  • After the 2RedBeans’ website went live for a week, he signed up as a 2RedBeans user
  • They coupled up after getting to know each other for a month
  • They became engaged 90 days later

At 31, Q found herself single again. Pressure from her family along with being an “older, single female PhD graduate” lead her to focus on finding her other half.  After researching on marriage statistics, she discovered that in America, women above 30 take, on average, 5 years to meet and marry someone. It was then that Q vowed,  “If I can’t find a partner in 4 years, I’ll marry a random person I meet on the streets!”

She then put her heart and soul into finding her other half. She went on three dates a week, participated in as many different social events as she could find and downloaded all the dating apps. After 4 unfruitful years, she decided to create a platform for Chinese singles to meet in America. It turned out that her brainchild 2RedBeans was where she found her husband.

A software engineer who found his love after working for a month in 2RedBeans

Take a look at the statistics below:

  • After 2 weeks in 2RedBeans, he participated in a 2RedBeans’ speed dating event
  • After getting to know each other for a month, they officially became a couple
  • They became engaged after being together for a year

That was the first time Ben participated in a speed dating event. He was overwhelmed, especially since it was his first time talking to so many women in one day. However, one of them stood out among the rest.

After the event, she took the initiative to contact Ben. She realized that during work hours, Ben would take a long time to reply to her messages, but during the weekends, he made a lot more effort. From then on, she didn’t disturb him as much during work but did often remind him to eat dinner on time and also asked him out during the weekends. Gradually, they both grew closer. As someone who was practical and meticulous, Ben had planned to marry at 28. Because of her, however,, he pushed it forward by 2 years!

Every day at 2RedBeans, we strive to help our clients find their other half. Through this process, we’ve gained a lot of experience about relationships and love. Like Ben said, before stepping into 2RedBeans, he knew nothing about dating and relationships, let alone the type of women that were suitable for him.

“After working in 2RedBeans, my knowledge about dating and relationships became deeper. I found out what I truly want and what I am truly looking for in a partner.”

She passed her luck on to others

Danniya mentioned that, after becoming a matchmaker for 2RedBeans, she received many texts from her friends and clients about their successful love lives.

There was a client who mentioned that her crush confessed his liking to her two days after being interviewed by Danniya. He was 6 years younger than her!

There was also a client who was often rejected by other men. After a month of Danniya working as her personal matchmaker, more and more guys started to approach her. A tall and handsome man even approached her while she was buying coffee! They got together after just a week and became engaged after half a year together.

On many occasions, Danniya was the one who taught her clients and her friends the dos and don’ts of dating. She gave them confidence and answered all their questions.

Take, for example, the client who mentioned that her crush confessed his liking to her. She clearly liked him too, yet she used the age gap as an excuse to not approach him. Danniya assessed the situation and eventually convinced her that the age gap wasn’t an issue. As such, she seized the opportunity when her crush confessed to her.

So long as you approach your love life with the right mindset — taking the initiative often helps too! — you will find the happiness you’ve been looking for.

From now until November 11, if you sign up as a member of 2RedBeans’ one-on-one matchmaking database, you’ll have a chance to win a special “Lucky Koi Package”. The prize includes:

  • A free 30-minute consultation with our matchmakers
  • A minimum of one date per week until the end of 2018
  • Feedback after every one of your dates

Spread this to your friends and share the ‘love luck’ with everyone!

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