3 steps for sending a perfect first message

Sending a good first message is important if you want to attract the person you approach online or meet in real life.


Here are three steps for crafting your first message:

1. Include their name

“Hi, Cindy!” or “Good afternoon, Ben!”

Addressing them by name will start building rapport immediately and give off a good first impression.

2. Write sincere and meaningful compliments

 “I love your eyes in the pictures with you smiling. They really brighten my day!”

 Everyday compliments won’t attract someone’s attention. Try to point out something unique about them.

3. Try to relate to them

“You have a border collie? I also have one. Her name is Wink!”

 “I love playing badminton, but I don’t look as professional as you!”

Talk about why you’re interested in them or about their personality and their hobbies they’ve listed in their profile. It’s much more appreciated than commenting on their physical appearance.


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