The “marriage material” fashion trend: Would you try it?

News about Chinese celebrity Danfeng Zhang’s affair with his personal assistant Yingfeng Bi isn’t over yet. Now people are focusing on Bi’s “marriage material” fashion sense. The “marriage material” style was popularized by Xiaoting Ma, a blogger who teaches followers how to attract men and even how to distinguish their financial status through the type of lipstick they give women.

This style is not without its controversies. Debates raged across China’s social media platforms about the style’s merits. Should women adopt it in this era where singles outnumber couples in order to avoid the stigma of being labeled a “leftover woman”? Or should they stay true to themselves?

What this style evokes: “Sweet and lovely, soft and pure”

What is this “marriage material” style? Originally from Japan, it seeks to highlight a woman’s femininity and purity using pastels, faux furs and lots of bows. The ensemble sends the message of, “I’m nice, gentle, pure and easygoing.” All the qualities a “good woman” should have in traditional Asian culture to attract a man.

Does this really work in the long run?

As the style picks up steam, more women are starting to wonder if they should ditch their own look and adopt this one to “get in the game.” However, others have different perspectives and prefer their own non-traditional styles be it short hair and simple outfits or something else. This even despite their friends telling them, “You’re going on a date! What are you wearing?” They prefer to buck this whole “marriage material” trend choosing to talk about career goals and aspirations regardless of if their dates are those “traditional” men who would sneer at them. So, while this new style gives women an easier path to marriage, does it negatively impact their future?

Is the person you’re marrying the one you’re really looking for?

Will this “marriage material” style attract the right person for you? Zetian Zhang, the “Milk Tea Sister”, married Qiangdong Liu, founder, and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant in 2015. In 2018, she wrote on her social media “傻逼了” which translates to “silly.” Back then, Zhang was the face of the “marriage material” style always looking at her husband with admiration in photos showing the world they were not equals. Now, she has to stand by as her husband is being accused of rape.

The “marriage material” style trend is based on the traditional belief that women are “well behaved and obedient” while men are “powerful and dominant.” Taking on this style could mean you’re attracting people exactly like that and that you’re relegated to nothing more than window dressing there to stroke his ego.

Women who believe in equality, who constantly strive to improve themselves, are looking for a partner they can grow with, not a partner who can “dominate and take care” of them. Therefore, these women wouldn’t think twice about this “marriage material” style.

A woman’s beliefs and perspectives should never affect their charm

Many female 2RedBeans clients face the same dilemma. Should they portray themselves as “strong and powerful” or should they be “soft and submissive” to appear more attractive to men?

Our opinion is that you should stay true to yourself and carve your own path. Modern society is much different than the olden times. Women are no longer seen as inferior. Gender equality is no longer a four-letter word. Women are just as able as men. They have their own careers, are independent and have the freedom of choice. Why let others convince you otherwise?

At 2RedBeans, we believe that we can find the one you’re truly looking for. With our large database of clients and in-depth one-on-one consultations, we are sure that we can find the best partner for you.

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