A little over a week before Valentine’s Day this year, 2RedBeans organized a special event for our members called Meet Your Other Half. This event matched participants interested in each other and had them create their own photo collages.

Out of nearly 2,000 worldwide entries, we chose 12 to be voted on. The collage with the most votes and who won the grand prize was of two participants sharing their love of skiing and snowboarding. They sent us a collage of themselves at a resort and wrote how happy they were to meet someone with similar interests and how they couldn’t wait to practice and improve together!

There were other wonderful stories as well:

Two Globetrotters showed off the places they’ve traveled to. They worked hard to juxtapose a photo of the snow-capped mountains they visited with another of a sunny beach they relaxed on.

These two found they had both traveled to the Louver Museum:

Another couple pieced together photos of themselves traveling to Alaska at different times:

Two foodies. One with a love of ramen, the other a not too picky eater who likes small plates.

Even though one lives in Vancouver and the other in Hawaii, they both celebrated Chinese New Year similarly. With a lot of food:

These two shared photos of the different seasons they experienced.

One lives in Northern California, the other was in Las Vegas. They both decided to take photos of their view.  

These two agreed to watch the sunset after work:

Both of them likes to go on scenic walks. The views are different, but the mood is the same.

There are also two people who like to stay at home drinking tea and reading:

These two found each other despite their cultural differences: 

When we’re in love, we’re called a couple. Only after a relationship is stable can we call ourselves partners.

From couples to partners, from impulsive love to long-term relationships, a similar outlook on life and values is essential. Having similar interests and hobbies just gives the relationship that extra spark.

At 2RedBeans, we hope you find that special someone who supports you and travels the world with you. One you can say, “I’m happy to have you because I can see my future with you.”

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