How did this engineer get a date within 2 days?

Last November, 2RedBeans organized an event for Single’s Day called the Koi Event. We gave out a Lucky Koi Package to one winner. This package included a free 30-minute consultation with our matchmakers, a guaranteed date per week until the end of 2018 and feedback after every one of the dates.

Our lucky winner was Shawn, a recent Ph.D. graduate working as a software engineer in the Bay Area. When we first met Shawn, he had very little experience dating but in just two months, Shawn found himself a girlfriend! How did he do it? We’ll show you!

Mid-November: One-on-one consultation with a personal matchmaker

Shawn first came to our office in Pleasanton mid-November to have his personal matchmaking consultation with Bessie.

After interviewing Shawn, Bessie understood and identified Shawn’s strengths and weaknesses through his upbringing, family background and his experiences he had to study in America. A smart man with an innocent smile, Bessie got to know him better during their in-depth interview. On the outside, he is optimistic and down to earth man.

Late November: Formulating a game plan for Shawn

After Bessie and her matchmaking team’s thorough analysis which uncovered what truly motivated Shawn and what he was really looking for in a partner, a game plan was formulated.

The matchmaking team employs methods to help our clients, in this case, Shawn, understand themselves better and leverage their uniqueness to attract the people they’re looking for.

Early January: Setting up an online dating profile

A qualified dating profile needs good photos. Most of the time, these photos provide others with their first impression of you. Under the guidance of Bessie, Shawn met up with one of the photographers we partner with for a professional photo shoot. We used these photos to revamp Shawn’s 2RedBeans dating profile.

After photos, the biography comes next. The is often overlooked by a lot of people and is also one of the more challenging tasks that our clients face. A good biography needs to be honest, detailed yet not overly wordy and has to capture the attention of the reader. For one’s profile to stand out from the rest, you need to include your personality and your values. It allows a reader to visualize who you are in real life.   

The first step the matchmaking team took was to polish Shawn’s profile.

1st part: About me (Before any changes)

Before: As I grow older, my personality grew more gentle. I started to like kids and have plans to start a family.

A simple and direct description is good, but it’s too straightforward and common. The profile is just like any typical profile that a software engineer would write and doesn’t make an impression on others. Under Bessie’s guidance, the team made use of the knowledge they had of Shawn to help him create a better and engaging profile.

After making changes:

I started working after receiving my master’s degree in China. That two-year experience cemented my passion for software engineering. Because of this and the chance to study overseas, I came to America to pursue my Ph.D. I’m currently a software engineer at a tech company in the Bay Area. I love my current job because of its stability and work/life balance. In my free time, I like to learn new skills to further improve myself. I’m more introverted in nature and I prefer to spend my time working on the things I like alone. Of course, I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t know anything else besides that the things I love doing! I’m more gentle in nature. After going through the different life experiences, I became calmer and collected as a person, and I look forward to starting my own family.

Shocking results after 2 weeks

One night, Shawn updated his profile. To his surprise, people viewed his profile 20 times more, and the number of women who took the initiative to talk to him increased 8 times.

He excitedly told our matchmakers that he felt very popular all of a sudden. That week, he found a woman who was just his type. They ended up going out twice that week. They’ve planned many more dates since then.

The matchmaking team will regularly follow up with how Shawn’s love life progresses.

We hope that after reading this, you’ll realize that once you use the right techniques, you’ll also be able to find someone you truly like, just like Shawn.

2RedBeans wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

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